FANTA REAL is a Greek industrial company that designs building systems, produces and delivers industrialized and ready to use products, such as individual houses and hotels, school buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses, floating concrete structures, noise barriers, retaining walls, green walls and bridges. 

The new factory is located in Viotia-Ypato (80 km north of Athens) 

The engineers of the company, with more than 40 years experience, have designed and constructed: 

2.000.000 m2 of industrial and commercial spaces.  

More than 1.000 school buildings and lots of residences.  

300 bridges and several more technical projects.  

FANTA REAL is a pioneer in its field and has introduced new products and systems that today are applied throughout the country. 

The prefabricated elements are of prestressed composite concrete and steel
The company designs and produces prefabricated elements and realizes complete, ready to use, projectsIndustrial and commercial buildings applying ULYSSES ARC and DIPLODOCUS systems. Standard prefabricated residences and school buildings, hotels with the use of solar energyBridges, applying the classic prestressed concrete beams, as well as new systems such as ARCULYS, ZEUS etc.  

FANTA REAL undertakes the design and construction turnkey plants for these projects, with specific annual productivity. This includes the transfer of know-how and staff training in the design of the projects, the production and the accomplishment. 

Quality, as well as efficiency and economy are typical characteristics of FANTA REAL products.